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Chef Special

1. Treasure of the Sea
Delicious shrimp, scallops, crab meat & sauteed with assorted vegetable in tasty brown sauce.
2. Happy Family
Sauteed sliced roast pork, chicken, beef & shrimp with mixed vegetable in brown sauce.
spicy3. Empress Chicken
Lightly batter white meat chicken with broccoli and sauteed with special spicy brown sauce.
spicy4. Shrimp & Pork Hunan Style
Sauteed shrimp with chili sauce & shredded pork with black bean sauce.
5. Mongolian Triple Delight
Sliced chicken, beef & shrimp are combined with scallions, sauteed with brown sauce.
spicy7. Double Garlic Delight
Shrimp and scallop with vegetables in spicy garlic sauce.
8. Tai-Chan Fish
Specially cut white fish deep fried on a bed of fresh mushroom, baby corn, celery, green pepper, sauteed in chef special sauce.
spicy9. Crispy Fish
Sliced white fish deep fried until crispy and showered with spicy chili sauce.
spicy10. General Tso's Shrimp 17.55
spicy11. General Tso's Chicken 12.55
12. Four Season Garden
String bean, broccoli, snow peas & fresh mushroom sauteed with spicy garlic sauce.
13. Sweet N' Sour Three Flavors 13.95
spicy14. Kung Pao Three Flavors 13.95
spicy15. Orange Shrimp 17.55
spicy16. Orange Beef 13.95
spicy17. Orange Chicken 12.55
18. Crispy Chicken
Lightly batter chicken that is deep fried and seasoned with our chef sweet sour and spicy sauce.
spicy19. Crispy Shrimp
Delicious shrimp that is cooked until tender and crispy then served in pungent sweet sour and spicy sauce.
spicy20. Spicy Tangy Chicken
White meat chicken sauteed with snow peas, celery, carrots & fresh mushroom with spicy brown sauce.
21. Teriyaki Chicken 12.55
22. Honey Walnut Shrimp 17.55